Our Story

Hi Friend, Thanks for stopping by! Here at Bowls with Magnets we have glass bowls made with the finest material by the greatest glass blowers in the United States. People who love what they do and it shows in their work. 

Titan Typhoon

Smoking green out of glass bowls is the best. I have always loved glass bowls and believe glass bowls are the best way to smoke. Without a question it is the best way to get the full taste of the green. 

Have you ever had your lighter stolen or dropped your lighter while passing the bowl around? Well, me too. I like you have dropped my lighter or have had it stolen many times. For instant, say you are smoking with some friends and you pass the bowl around and somehow your lighter gets pocketed by someone?!

Are you also tired of the awkwardness of passing the lighter and bowl with one or two hands and fumbling it around. Yeah, me too!

Well, one day I had a vision, a dream to create a glorious masterpiece, a glass bowl with the special unique feature of a high power magnet embedded in it to hold the lighter so you don't lose it.

 As I put my heart in the idea of creating a high quality superior bowl at a great price I began to realize this would be something everyone would enjoy. Once you use a bowl with a magnet you won't want to go back to a bowl without a magnet. 

So, after years of work I present to you the best glass bowls with magnets in the world. The FIRST and ORIGINAL glass bowls with magnets. 

Well, I hope you like what we are doing here at Bowls with Magnets. Our Motto is "Stay Green Friends". Our goal is to help keep your mind true and at ease with less stress. 

These Bowls With Magnets are simple and easy to use, strong and built to last. Stay Green Friends! 🤙🏻

Your Friend,  

Brandon Smith, Founder