Best FREE way to keep your bowl clean. Super Easy!

Best FREE way to keep your bowl clean. Super Easy!


This is how I clean my bowls for free and I wanted to share the process with you. There really isn't any reason to go out and buy products to clean your bowl.

You can keep you bowl super clean with simple house hold items that you already have. All you need is table salt, warm water, rubbing alcohol and a cup. Check out the video below.
So if you just watched the video you know how easy it is to get your bowl looking clean and new again.

Instructions On How To Clean Your Bowl With Magnet

Cleaning a bowl with magnet is the same as cleaning a bowl without a magnet. The magnets we have on the bowls are strong and durable. Wash the bowl as normal.

List of Items

  • table salt
  • sink with warm water
  • rubbing alcohol
  • cup
  • toothpick (optional)

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Best FREE way to keep your bowl clean. Super Easy!

Okay once you have your items you are ready to clean the bowl. It doesn't matter how dirty the bowl is this method will clean all bowls however you will have to do several cycles of the method.
  1. take the dirty bowl and put some table salt in it. The table salt will act as a abrasive.
  2. Once you have the table salt inside the bowl now you want to put some rubbing alcohol inside the bowl. Give it a little shake.
  3. Put some rubbing alcohol inside the cup.
  4. Now you want to submerge the bowl inside the cup with rubbing alcohol.
  5. Leave the bowl inside the cup with rubbing alcohol for about 10 minutes
  6. Use the warm water and wash out the bowl. Chucks of rasin will come out.
  7. You can use the toothpick to fish out difficult chucks of rasin.
  8. Do this cycle several times and you'll have a brand new looking bowl.

Never use anything hard to clean out a bowl. Items such as clothes hangers and knifes are devastating to glass.


List of DOs

  • Make cleaning your bowl a little fun, smoke a bowl before you begin.
  • To fish out chucks of raisin use a toothpick something soft.
  • Repeat cycle several times for maximum effect.

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LIst of Don'ts

  • Never try to clean a bowl with a close hanger. I made this mistake several time before I got tried of replacing my bowls. Close hangers are metal and your bowl is glass. I cracked several bowls trying to clean them with close hangers. Remember if your bowl is older that glass is more fragile. You want to use the method above to cleaning your bowl.
  • Don't use anything hard to fish out chucks of raisin.
  • Don't over pack the bowl with table salt. You want to put enough in there so it can be shaken up.

Keeping Your Bowl Clean

Keep your bowl clean will ensure you get the maximum rip-ability. How often you clean your bowl is up to you. But without a question you get a better taste of the green when you have a super clean bowl. It is really why glass bowls can't be beat. Being able to taste the green the way it was meant to be tasted is fabulous.

This method is something you can do anytime you need so don't waste your money on products that clean your bowl instead save it for a sac.