Supernatural Phenomenon What is Magnetism?⚡

Have you ever used a magnet and wondered what the heck is going on🤔?
Well, me too! 
Magnets are very fascinating and one of the greatest mysteries of the universe. A magnet can be so strong that it can lift millions of pounds. Magnetism is the force put out by magnets when they attract or repel each other.
Check out the video below to get an idea of how magnets work. 
Electricity is the major part of the chemical reaction. It flows through the tiny holes between all the atoms of matter and creates a vortex of high speed motion that pulls every molecule together. There is nothing quite like this process.
All those molecules fly together and pull each other to form a vortex of an extremely powerful force.
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In fact, it is believed that if the flow of current were stopped, the whole universe would collapse. That is why everything from the motion of water on earth to the movement of a person's hand is affected by the tiny, but very powerful vortex of electricity.
magnetic vortex
There are many different types of magnets including permanent magnets, cylindrical magnets, spherical magnets, chain magnets and others. All these are used in different ways and in many different industries. 

What makes a Magnet 💫

Magnets are made up of a group of metals called the ferromagnetic metals. These are metals such as iron and nickel. Each of these metals have special properties. These elements combine to form a magnetic field that surrounds an object that has been magnetized. The higher the strength of this field, the more powerful the magnet and its ability to move objects.
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As we mentioned above, electricity flows through the tiny holes in matter and pulls the atoms together to form a vortex of high speed motion.
The energy that is released by electricity affects the magnets and the stronger the electric field, the stronger the vortex and the more powerful the magnet.

Magnetic Field effects all!

An automobile engine is one of the greatest examples of how this powerful force can affect a car. Each of the different parts of the engine contains many different magnets that coordinate the force of the electric field. The stronger the magnetic field, the more force the magnets exert and the more efficient the engine becomes.
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It is also very interesting to note that the magnets are not required to be strong and to have a high frequency because the use of magnetic dampers.
The mechanism behind the magnetic dampers is basically similar to the use of a small piston, but they are very strong and can hold very heavy objects.
The use of powerful magnets results in less dampening of the magnetic field, making them unnecessary.
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Common types of magnets 🧲

There are two common types of magnets that we are familiar with, permanent magnets and electromagnets. The first type has to be produced by electricity or chemicals.
The second type requires a constant source of energy such as light or heat to produce the magnets. The majority of used magnets on earth come from the earth and are known as semitransparent and electrically conductive.
For the purposes of this article, we will be talking about a primary magnet. The primary magnet is responsible for holding the rest of the magnets together and for producing the force of electromagnetism.
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Other magnets such as the secondary or rotating magnets are used to create a second force of electromagnetism that occurs as the primary one is being used.
The amazing thing about the magnetic field is that it does not directly touch the atoms of matter and so the movement of atoms in the vacuum makes the magnetic field more powerful and allows it to increase the force of electromagnetism. Therefore, magnets are important for several applications, such as cars, airplane engines, and machinery.

The History of Magnetism🏛️

The history of magnetism and the art of magnetism is very old and is a science that spans many centuries. Some people think that magnetism is simply a form of science.
This is a wrong notion that is based on an incorrect reading of the true history of magnetism. In actuality, magnetism is a science that has been studied since the start of recorded time. 
Magnetism has been studied by men like Pythagoras, Euclid, and Newton.
You might be surprised to know that magnetism has been known as a natural force throughout the ages and that it was first discovered as far back as 4,000 years ago.
It was the Greek philosopher, Plato, who first defined magnetism.
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As many of you might know, magnetism is used in many forms of study including engineering, mathematics, and physics.
While there are many schools and universities who offer degrees in the subject, formal schooling in magnetism has always been an art and not a science.
This was because magnetism is often difficult to understand at first.
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Modern magnetism is less conceptual and more quantifiable. Because of this, magnetism has become easier to study and more widely understood.
Many courses have been created in the history of magnetism which provide an understanding of the art of magnetism. You can find many materials on the internet that will help you study this subject.

Experiments done with magnetism 🔬

Magnetic experiments are performed routinely in many different industries to see how to best utilize them.  In fact, electromagnetism , electricity + magnetism is being used for high speed trains, aerospace and other high tech industries. 
magnetic experiment
You too can do your own magnetic experiments. If you have a Bowl With Magnet you have a high powered magnet embedded into the glass.  Originally designed to hold your light but it can be used to do magnetic experiments. 

If you want to see some cool magnet experiments check out the video below. 

Which magnets are used in Bowls With Magnets Glass Pipes🔥

Through trial and error I learned that not all magnets are created equal. Some are much more powerful than others. The strongest permanent magnets in the world are neodymium magnets. N35-N52. We use N35 neodymium magnets. 
what is inside a magnet
We wanted the lighter to stay on the bowl firmly and takes some force to pull it off.  Although more expensive the stronger magnets are worth it. 

How magnets affect electricity ?⚡

You probably have heard of magnetic levitation, but have you heard about the effect that magnets have on electricity? There are several reasons why they do.
We all know how magnetic fields work. The flow of electrons in an electrical circuit is influenced by the flow of magnetic fields. It also affects the electricity current, and this is what we want to know.
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Electromagnets have a slightly different effect on the electricity flow compared to ordinary magnets. They are much smaller and they are usually connected to objects which have some of them attached. These electromagnets provide a temporary increase in the power of the current. At this point, the power of the current is so increased that it can provide a higher voltage than what is normally available.
If the electromagnet is allowed to be activated all the time, the power of the current will automatically come down and eventually reduce the electricity supply.
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There is no need for the electricity supplier to supply the extra power.
The special effects of these magnets are not just limited to the normal usage of the power generator. They can also be used in many other places. For example, there are many warehouses and factories where it is necessary to connect the floor to the ceiling or even the ceiling to the floor. The magnets can be used to get the power to the ceiling, as well as the floor. In such cases, you will not need to worry about the electricity coming out from the wall. You will simply use the magnets. You will be able to get the extra power through the magnets and your electric needs will be much improved.
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