The Top 7 Cannabis Christmas 🎄Gifts to Bring in the New Year🥳

The holiday season has arrived! It's a time for joy, love, and cheer - But what gift should you get for your stoner friends this year? We’ve found the top seven cannabis accessories that should be “high” on your list! 

Santa list

1) Bong Appétit: Mastering the Art of Cooking with Weed (Cookbook) 

Do you need a find a present for someone who loves to cook with weed? You might recognize the trending Munchies and Viceland television series Bong Appétit. Their recent best-selling cookbook features 65 high-end recipes for sweet and savory cannabis dishes

Bong Appetit- Cook Book

2) The Peak Pro (by PUFFCO) 

If you purchase the Peak Pro for someone, they will love you forever. However, you might want to keep this gem for yourself. This electronic device promises a smooth & magical experience for cannabis concentrates. Unfortunately, the price is steep, at $399.99. However, Puff Co offers interest-free payment options to offset the cost. 


3) Magnetic Smoking Pipes (by Bowls With Magnets)

You and our friends will never lose your lighters again! The creators of Bowls with Magnets combine the science of magnetism with the artistry of glass blowing to bring you the most innovative smoking devices. Designed by some of the finest glass blowers in the United States, each piece is colorful, unique, and fire crafted. 

Bowls With Magnets

4) Ashtrays (by Seth Rogan)

Seth Rogan recently launched his new House Plant brand, inspired by his passion for pottery and his hobby of collecting vintage ashtrays. The website also features candle holders, unique lighters, modern lamps, clap planters, and LP Playlist Albums. 

Seth Rogan

5) The Stash Jar (by Session)

You might smell chestnuts roasting on an open fire this holiday season, but with this gift, no one will smell your weed stash. The Stash Jar by Session is stackable and airtight and will help you stay organized. Keep your best buds fresh in the top portion. Then, unscrew the compartment to reveal a hidden chamber with extra storage for papers, cones, joints, or pipes. 

Santa Chirstmas Gift

6) The OG OTTO Grinder (by Banana Bros)  

If you have someone on your shopping list that lives with pain, inflammation, arthritis, or has difficulty with fine-motor skills, the OG OTTO is the perfect solution for grinding herbs with ease. This electronic device has a patented AI milling system that sets to analyze the plant matter and automatically determines the speed, direction, and precision to blend flower perfectly with just a touch of a button. 


7) Rainbow Dual Arc Lighter (by Nomatiq)

The Rainbow Dual Art Lighter is an electric lighter offering an alternative to butane. This electric lighter is 100% windproof and lasts up to 100 lights with a single charge. Created by Nomatiq, you can find several color options and different designs & options on their website
Rainbow Dual Arc Lighter
You can grab two of everything on this list and keep one of each for yourself! Do you have any unique cannabis gift ideas? 
What are you getting your friends and family this holiday season? 

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