The History of Bowls With Magnets 👆💭

The person who first originally thought of the idea 💡 of bowls with magnets is Brandon Smith my younger brother. The idea was originally thought of back in 2009, but due to circumstances at the time nothing really ever happen. This video is a collage of what we do. Check it out before we go into the history of Bowls With Magnets. 

The Journey Begins ⛵

At the time, Brandon was hangin with a friend at work and had a small little metal pipe. Brandon, being creative as he is placed a magnet at the end of the bowl so he could attach his lighter as he passed it to his friend. 
At first he didn't think anything of it, just naturally trying to find easier ways to do things. Several years went by and the idea stayed with Brandon and his friend at work as they passed around a metal pipe with a magnet not really knowing what cool idea they really had. 
Then one day in 2016, while I was off work I met up with my brother Brandon and his friend at their job and we all used the small metal pipe with magnet. I really thought it was cool and thought to myself how awesome would it be if there were glass bowls with magnets. 
Still nothing really happened. I would smoked with other friend and passed the bowl (without a magnet) around awkwardly as I tried to hand off the lighter too.  The vision grow and grow in my mind of how cool it would be if glass bowls had magnets so you could attach a lighter.  

Drawing out Plans ✏

I bought the website domain in 2018 as a New Years resolution to myself. I thought "heck, if like bowls with magnets surely other stoners will like bowls with magnets".  Below is a drawing by Brandon Smith himself and the first bowl with magnet ever created. It was just rough drawing but it got the point across. 
original drawing for bowls with magnets
Brandon and I chose bowls with because of how easy it was to remember. Anyone who hears bowls with magnets once will easily remember what the product is. 
Now at this time neither of us knew how to blow glass and make bowls. We have full time jobs and families. We had no idea of how we were going to get these new bowls with magnets to the market place. 

To Patent or Not to Patent THAT'S THE ❓❓

 People we talked to said "you should try and get that idea patented". So, now the question was "could the idea be patent-able?". Since my brother and I were rookies in business and everything like this we didn't know much. I reached out to Legal Zoom for help. Legal Zoom then outsource the work to a Law Firm who I won't mention. FYI: They are eager to help. So they can make money, not necessary because they think your idea has a chance. 
 So we got an application number and the idea of Bowls With Magnets and Patent Pending was a reality. Although, it was short lived.  Little did we know that similar ideas like our also applied to be patented and they were rejected. So after spending nearly 5k on patent fees we determined that we would probably be rejected too and withdrew our application. 

To the Market Here We Come 🚚

Knowing the idea deserved to be out in the market for others to decide whether or not Bowls With Magnets is worthy for stoners to use was my main objective. I decide to reach out to everyone possible until I found a manufacturer who can mass produce these.
Well, I found that manufacturer.  I wanted a manufacturer here in the United States, I want to put Americas to work. I want us to win! 

This is just the beginning friends. The store has been open since May 2019. It was an amazing year. 2020 will be packed. We will be creating new bowls with magnets each month. We plan on giving a bunch away.  Make sure we have your email address so you are automatically entered for FREE giveaways. 

Stay Green Friends! 



  • HEMP

    Keep up the good work. Maybe a bong with a magnet 🧲.

  • Matt


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