The BEST Bowl for Smoking Weed 2020!! 💨💨🗿

Yeah, so you want to know the best bowl for Smoking Weed in 2020. 👍

 Well, you definitely came to the right place. You and I both love great kush right?!

All that tasty greenery from pineapple express, G13, sour kush, white widow and literally hundreds of more. You know, we have competitions today to see who has the best weed. More and more we are seeing and trying funkier batches. 

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✨ Dawning Of a New Era ✨

The selection  of greenery today is vastly better then even just 10 years ago. We all love trying different batches like kids in a candy store.  But, have we ever thought what's the best bowl to smoke out of?!  I mean, we all love smoking great green and smoking great green out of a fresh clean glass bowl is one of the best ways to smoke and get the true flavor/taste of the green. 
In my humble opinion the best bowl for smoking weed in 2020 is THE FUTURE. This bowl called the future for a reason.
There are many features that makes this the best pipe to smoke weed out of in 2020. 
  • Super strong magnet, designed to hold your lighter or anything magnetic. 
  • Inverted mouth piece, so you don't have to taste the ashes. 
  • Thick and solid glass for durability and longevity. 
  • Each bowl is hand-made in the USA
Sure, we can smoke out of anything. We all been there. Heck, smoke out of a pop can, a potato, or even a simple corn cob.  
You know it's the year 2020 and there hasn't been a major advancement in smoking bowls in a very long time. Well, until now The Future is the next step up in glass bowl making evolution. This bowl is hundreds of years in the making. 
The Future of Glass Smoking bowls

Special Features 

First let's begin with the most obvious feature. The super strong magnet. You see, we are the first to come up with and incorporate putting a super strong magnet on a glass smoking bowl. Crazy isn't it. Yeah, we are the originators of the idea.  The magnet is designed to hold your lighter so you don't have to. However, overtime we have realized the magnet can be used for other things. Its really up to your imagination. 
Secondly, another special features of this bowl is the inverted mouth. You know, we all hate when a bowl is finished. What we all hate even more is the taste of the ashes when you kash out a bowl the hard way. The inverted mouthpiece is designed to stop the ashes so you don't have to find out the hard way. 
 the future hanging on fence, magnetism
Thick solid glass is a feature that many other bowls don't have. Most other bowls are made with cheap thin glass. Not us, Bowls with Magnets only uses top quality glass. Each bowl is thick and solid. These bowls are hand-blown and made by some of the finest glass blowers in the world they just happen to be in the United States.
All bowls with magnets come with a money-back guarantee. If you aren't satisfied we aren't satisfied. To make sure you get the best value possible all bowls with magnets come with a free protective capsule case. Not only that we also throw in a free Bowls with Magnets lighter.  No to mention  free shipping within continental  United States.
 The Future on the Grill
You see we want to keep everyone high. The Future is here once you use a bowl with a magnet you will never want to use a bowl without a magnet again. These new bowls with magnets are amazingly around the same price as a traditional glass bowl. The only difference is that with a bowl with magnet you'll get a super powerful strong magnet. 💨💨🗿


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