The 10 Most Wild Marijuana Dispensaries on Planet Earth! 🌎

Marijuana legalization is on the horizon. Researchers, medical professionals, and patients continue to witness marijuana's evolution, benefits, and acceptance.
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Cannabis businesses, designers, and architects have created the most incredible cannabis dispensaries across the globe.  
Discover the most unique weed shops in the world!

Oasis Cannabis Superstore: Denver, Colorado (USA)

This dispensary is a megastore, and some people consider this the best place to get started if you are new to the cannabis industry in Colorado. With two locations in the Denver area, you will find everything you need with over 200 strains, user accessories, and an endless selection of glass pipes. Westworld Magazine highlights this dispensary as the best cannabis dispensary in Denver.
Oasis Cannabis Superstore: Denver, Colorado (USA) 

Grass Roots: San Fransisco, California (USA)

You might love this dispensary in San Fransisco, California, if you love country and western films. Grass Roots Dispensaries provide an old-world style design with customer service beyond modern-day consumer expectations. Wood finished floors & countertops and copper-tin ceilings give a warm and welcoming vibe. Professionals are ready to answer questions and assist patrons in choosing the right product for their needs.
Grass Roots House
Adult use and medical marijuana are available in the store, and delivery is available for the convenience of consumers at various locations. 

Diego Pellicer: Seattle, Washington (USA)

Exquisite Mediterranean style and Greek décor inspire the artistic design of this elite dispensary. The attention to fine art detail mirrors the impeccable customer service and educational opportunities available from any of their meticulously trained staff.
Diego Pellicer: Seattle, Washington (USA)
This location is the flagship store for the Diego Pellicer brand. Inside you will find luxe chandeliers, beautiful vegetation, and glass countertops that force the impression of a jewelry store. This dispensary offers hundreds of products such as concentrates, flower, edibles, vapes, topicals, CBD, drinks, and accessories.

Farnsworth Fine Cannabis: Great Barrington, Massachusetts (USA)

An innovator since 1927, Philo Taylor Farnsworth created the first all-electronic television system. Today his legacy continues through generations of curious minds cultivating new trends as their family ethos lives on.
Farnsworth Fine Cannabis: Great Barrington, Massachusetts (USA)
Enjoy premium quality cannabis and pair it with accessories meant for the serious & experienced connoisseur. Be sure to visit the Farnsworth if you are ever in Massachusetts. 

Synchronicity Holistic: Carmel, California (USA)

Synchronicity Holistic provides high-quality medical marijuana, adult-use, and CBD products to enhance your botanical experience.
Synchronicity Holistic: Carmel, California (USA)
This dispensary wants to guide you through your wellness journey and help you "find relief in the leaf ."This all-women-owned and run facility showcase marble black & white checkered floors, crystal chandeliers, fireplaces surrounded by black penny tiles, and brass accents that portray old-school department store makeup counters and presents a fashion reminiscent of Old Hollywood. 

Swade: The Grove - St. Louis, Missouri (USA)

The authentic natural history and vibrant art create the vibe for this Swade Cannabis Dispensary in the heart of St. Louis. This location boasts a 7,500 square foot former warehouse with an exterior custom mural designed by local street artist Jayvn Solomon.
Swade: The Grove - St. Louis, Missouri (USA)
During the demolition of the original foundation, builders found a hidden whiskey barrel accessible through a space between the bricks believed to have been put there during the prohibition era. Today, patrons can be sure to have a modern and enlightening botanical experience. 

Grass Monkey Cannabis Company: South Portland, Maine (USA)

The theme behind the design of this dispensary is "Urban Jungle," and it is fabulous! Bespoke mural art and eclectic designs shower every inch of this masterpiece from street artist Valentino Mikalef.
Grass Monkey Cannabis Company: South Portland, Maine (USA)
The centerpiece of this space is a six-foot-tall graffiti-covered banana and numerous original paintings. Established in 2013, Grass Monkey Cannabis Company has been one of the most incredible cannabis cultivators in the state of Maine and a staple in South Portland. 

Rooted in the 510: Oakland, California (USA)

Located in Oakland, California, Root’d is an Entertainment Dispensary and Lounge. A place where you can make your purchase, stay, and enjoy your product in their relaxing lounge & event venue, or experience the Combustion Lounge.
Rooted in the 510: Oakland, California (USA)
A surreal sensory experience with neutral tones, Victorian inspiration, live music, and premium flora.  

Green House: Old Center Area (Amsterdam)

Amsterdam is well-known for its weed-friendly culture. With 5 locations, these dispensaries are a hot spot for celebrities like Snoop Dogg, Cypress Hill, Mike Tyson, Will Ferrall, Tommy Lee, and even Borat.
Green House: Old Center Area (Amsterdam)
A coffee shop like no other, explore its menu for food, drinks, and flower. Be sure Green House Seed Company is on your list of places to see if you plan a trip to Amsterdam. 

Planet 13: Las Vegas, Nevada (USA)

The Planet 13 location in Las Vegas is the largest marijuana dispensary in the world! This 112,000 square foot entertainment complex is the first of its kind and contains a Mexican restaurant called “Trece Eatery & Spirits ."Tour the live production facility and complete dispensary offering in-house, curbside, and delivery services 24 hours a day – 7 days a week. 
Planet 13 Dispensary
The operational features on Planet 13 provides guests with an interactive experience and insight into the las vegas heritage and demonstrates the potential for the modern cannabis culture of the future. Giant Lotus Flowers and a Planet Water Globe tower the entrance to the building, welcoming and interacting with entering clientele. Open the doors, and step onto the high-tech, sensory-activated, LED Interactive Floor. Gaze up at the ceiling to witness a mesmerizing Aerial Orb Show of dancing and glowing lights and a 3D Projection Visual Experience. In addition, visitors can get creative in writing and drawing by leaving their mark with laser graffiti Interactive Laser Art. 
Quality products, knowledgeable service, Customer safety, and an atmosphere that is out of this world! Planet 13 Las Vegas should be on the bucket list of every cannabis enthusiast. 

Which one of these WILD dispensaries would you like to visit? 

 Let us know in the comments.

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