Magnetic Smoking Bowls! The New Era☀

We make hand-made magnetic smoking bowls. This is the new era in smoking. 💨💨🗿. Bowls with Magnets is the first major innovation in glass smoking bowls in a very long time. 

No longer do you have to hold on to your lighter. The added feature of a high powered magnet at the end of your bowl makes it super easy to pass around and not lose your lighter. 

The Future | Magnetic Smoking Bowls

The magnet was originally designed to hold your lighter, but as time went on we learned that the magnet can hold to anything magnetic. The possibilities are limitless. 

The Champ | Magnetic Smoking Bowls

No more using those cheap and poorly designed metal bowls that get clogged easy.
Bowls with Magnets are made with thick glass and a super strong magnet embedded into the glass then glass glued to make sure the magnet stays locked in place. 
Let's take a look at the designs of some magnetic smoking bowls we have available. This is just a sampling of what is to come. 

The Future of Glass Bowls💫

The first bowl we'll introduce is what we like to call "The Future". We call it The Future for several reasons. 

  • The Super Strong Magnet
  • The Inverted Mouth Piece

First, the super strong magnet being embedded into the glass give this bowl an advance over all other bowls. Bowls with is the only place where you can find glass smoking bowls with magnets. It is the idea we are trying to bring to the world. 
Second, The inverted mouth piece. The inverted mouth piece is an older technology however still very useful. The inverted mouth piece is designed to stop ashes from going into your mouth. The ashcatching technology can be given credit to the creative geniuses over at Chameleon Glass back in the early 2000s. 
The Future | Magnetic Smoking Bowls
In the next several months we will be coming out with different colors of The Future with different designs. Comment below if you think The Future needs to be a dual-carb bowl.  We are always growing our insight on new and different ideas. We would love to hear from you! 

 The Titan Typhoon Devastating Everyone

Watch the video to know what I'm talking about. For sure, you want the most devastating bowl ever created  The Titan Typhoon . Forged and crafted for perfection. The Titan Typhoon makes a tornado effect as you rip it.  The perfect size for 2-3 friends or hell even just yourself. 

The Tornado Effect is caused by the way the glass is melted in the first chamber. When you have a fresh clean bowl you see the Tornado Effect as you hit it. 
The secret to getting the tornado effect to happen is the way you hit it. As you saw in the video you have to be willing to take a huge hit.  You got to hit the bowl massively and aggressively at first to get the smoke swirling. Once you see the smoke swirling let it rip and take the massive rip. Trust me you'll love!
Titan Typhoon | Magnetic Smoking Bowls
We call it the Titan Typhoon because of the devastation caused by this bowl when you hit it.  Your first time smoking out of The Titan Typhoon will result in devastation especially if you are smoking kronic. 

The Peacemaker 

Next on our list of excellent magnetic smoking bowls is something we call The Peacemaker . The peacemaker is designed with the idea of creating peace on earth. 
Peace on earth can't be achieve by external forces such as governments, but rather people finding true peace within themselves.
Imagine if everyone smoked everyone out. Literally, instead of killing and hurting people, people decided to smoke people out. 
The Peacemaker | Magnetic Smoking Bowls

It would be a totally different world. But as you can see as more and more people are leaning to the legalization of cannabis making the dream of being able to smoke people out and creating peace on earth a bit more closer.

The Champ Hit after Hit ✨

Looking for a hard hitting bowl that hits hard hit after hit The Champ is that bowl. It was created with the idea of durability, functionality, and usability all in mind. 

  • Durability- Super thick solid glass. Hand made in the USA
  • Functionality-Super strong magnet to hold your lighter. 
  • Usability-mid size bowl for longer smoke sessions.1-2 people. 3 max.

The Champ | Magnetic Smoking Bowls

If you are looking for the most solid bowl on the market The Champ is that bowl. It can take accidental drops. Cleaning it is very easy too. Stay tune to my up coming blog about how to clean a bowl for free with household items. 

"Nature's Cure" The plant the keeps giving 🙏

Let's be honest with ourselves. We sure are blessed. Just think of how life would be if we didn't have cannabis here on earth.

Cannabis has been a natural gift given to man. We are so blessed for this gift. We had to name a bowl after that natural gift. We call it Nature's Cure. It can be argued that cannabis is nature's cure for a lot of illnesses.

The best thing about Nature's Cure is the price. Just $19.99 and that includes shipping. Using a coupon it is even less. The idea here isn't to make a bunch of money. Heck, i'm practically giving them away at cost. The idea is about growing the brand and awareness of Bowls with Magnets. 

Nature's Cure | Magnetic Smoking Bowls

Just imagine going to the microwave and instead of cooking something you take a hit of dro. Sounds like a good diet to me lol. 

The above image just demonstrates the power of the magnet and its ability to hold on to anything magnetic.

We love when you all show us cool places where you put your Bowl With Magnet. 

The Vision- Dreams Realized 💡

In the beginning we knew we had something special. We had a vision of making a really cool bowl. We called it The Vision. This is the one of the original ideas when we first started the company. 

What is so awesome about The Vision is that it comes in 3 different colors. Each come with their own case and lighter too. You can choose between clear, blue and green. 
Vision Bowls | Magnetic Smoking Bowls
This is my personal bowl that I smoke out of. It is simple and easy to use. It's the perfect size for just yourself. You could share it with one other but anymore than that you would need a bigger bowl. 

Just the beginning of the Journey 🌄

The bowls we just went over are just a sampling of what is to come. We have 18 different new bowls coming out in May 2020 including The first Bong With Magnet, and the first Ultra Violet Bowl with Magnet. Really awesome stuff to come. 
Originally, we were just releasing only a couple of Bowls With Magnets, however when the idea caught on on Facebook and we had literally hundreds of people asking for more saying "these are the best magnetic smoking bowls on the market". We decided to go full production mode. This is just the beginning of an excellent journey. 
I appreciate you reading this blog and being apart of the journey. I would love to hear your opinion and thoughts! Follow me on Instagram. I always follow back. ✌


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