How to SAVE weed! 🙏

Tired of spending so much money on green but love to smoke? You feel me?! 🔥💵. I'll always love to smoke but just tired of spending so much money on it. 
Usually, I blaze about $100 to $200 dollars weekly. Now, I know some of you will say that isn't a lot or whatever, but that shit adds up. Firstly, I want to say that quitting isn't an opinion. I love it and always will.
Don't you hate reading articles that recommend you quit rather than provide something that actually helps. For example, when people like myself are searching for "how to pass a drug test" and the article says something like "oh, the best thing you can do is to quit smoking weed, that's how you pass a drug test". That isn't advice and doesn't help lol. We need info that actually helps. Not BS. Well, I'm getting off topic. (future post to come on "How to pass a drug test").  Now let's talk about How to SAVE weed. 
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So, let's provide some real ways to conserve and save your weed. At the end of the day you still want to blaze but just don't want to spend so much money. We can all feel that.  Below is a list of ideas and ways that has helped me save money on weed without quitting. 
  • Smoking bowls is cheaper than blunts and rillos
  • The Pinch Light Technique
  • Smoking Alone Vs Smoking with others
  • Kronic is better than Reggie
  • Discipline is the Mark of a Champion

Now, let's go into detail about each idea above. Remember the goal here is to save money on weed. How can we save money on weed without quitting is the goal of this article. 

Bowls are Cheaper than Blunts and Rillos

Too much weed is used to smoke a blunt or rillo. Heck, you could put a 10 sac, or a quarter in a blunt and smoke it to the face. You could literally spend $50 worth of weed in just one blunt. We all love a good blunt or rillo but using only them is a sure way to smoke up all your weed quick. To save weed it is best to smoke bowls. 

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Rillos are my favorite. I love White Owls, Swisher Sweets, and Optimo. Before my Bowls with Magnets thing, all I smoked was rillos to the face.  Rillo packs usually come in 2. So you would get 2 gars for $1.05 including tax. If you smoke 2 rillos a day or more you can see how this cost adds up.  So, if you smoke 1 pack of rillos a day for 1 weeks it is $7.35. If you smoke 1 pack of rillos for 1 month it is $32.55.  If you smoke 1 pack of rillos for the year it adds up to $383.25. A good high quality bowl can last years if maintained well.

The Secret Technique of the Pinch ⚡ Light ⚡

This technique will save you mass weed. Check out the video to see for yourself. As you can see the object is to lightly pinch the weed with the lighter. You don't want to torch the entire bowl.  As I already mentioned bowls will conserve more weed than blunts and rillos.  If you use this Pinch Light Technique and take hits sparely you'll for sure 100% save mass weed. 

Usually, I'll take a Pinch Light hit and wait several minutes until I'll take another Pinch Light hit. You want to wait several minutes to give the THC time to kick in.  If you were smoking a blunt you would have burned thru almost all of it, wasting a lot of weed. The Pinch Light Technique definitely helps save weed. 

Smoking Alone Vs Smoking with Others 👥

"Who's throwing in?!" That's the question I ask when it is time to smoke a bowl, twist a blunt, or rillo with friends. "Who's got five on it". lol. I feel you, wanting to smoke everyone out and be cool like that but honestly smoking others out is one of the biggest reasons I'm always so low on green.  Smoking alone is probably one of the best ways to save your weed.

 girl smoking joint

Try smoking a bowl solo, then show up to the party. If people start asking about blazing, you will already be high, so you won't really care. Have some with you just in case the need arises. Just always remember to get others to throw in. It's costing you so it might as well cost them too.

Kronic is better than Reggie 🏆

It will certainly help conserve weed if you smoke Kronic rather than Reggie in addition to the ideas and concepts above. Generally speaking Kronic is great weed and Reggie is regular weed. 
With Reggie you have to smoke a lot just to feel somewhat high. Most of the time when all I can get is Reggie I'll just smoke it in rillos and blunts. You can blaze through an ounce easy with Reggie.  However with Kronic especially if you smoke bowls you'll be able to save weed no doubt. 

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When I have Kronic I don't need as much as I would if I had Reggie. You have to smoke a lot of Reggie and still don't get even close to the same high as Kronic. Reggie nowadays is a complete waste of money. There are just too many excellent potent strains out there to be smoking Reggie. 

Discipline the Mark of a Champion 🎯

Setting a budget and sticking to it. You know setting a budget and sticking to it can be fun if you set up your goals the right way. You see I use marijuana as a reward system. Almost like doggy treats. I reward myself  for doing things I don't want to do with marijuana. Awesome reward right 😜
Set yourself a budget and have a reward system in place that will make you stick to it.
For example, only buy a half ounce and say to yourself that you'll make it last for the entire week.  If you make it last the entire week then it is okay to use the reward system to buy another bag of something exotic and special. You can see how it is easy to be motivated to do something if you get excellent tasty cannabis as a treat.
At the end of the day, to save weed takes a little discipline. The more and more we see the legalization of marijuana, the more and more growers there will be, thus reducing the price overtime. I hope so lol.. Please leave a comment, share with a friend, and smoke a bowl.  


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