House Plant: Cannabis Art & Innovation through the Eyes of Seth Rogan🌿

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Throughout the twilight of cannabis prohibition, researchers have concluded that the stigmas surrounding cannabis use have diminished in the United States. While those involved in the cannabis community should not assume stigmas have disappeared, witnessing the growth and emerging success of more prominent cannabis brands offers hope for the future of freedom and natural healing in the post-prohibition cannabis industry. 

“When you smoke the herb, it reveals you to yourself.” 

~ Bob Marley

 Bob Marley

Incredibly, the cannabis healing collective consciousness spreads across America, with more popular companies showing their support. For example, the Architectural Digest has shown tremendous involvement in highlighting creatively designed dispensaries and unique cannabis brands such as House Plant.

What is House Plant? 

House Plant is a marijuana company founded by Seth Rogan and Evan Goldberg that originated in Canada in 2019 and expanded into the United States in 2021.


Famously described as a "weed and home goods company," It’s both fitting and ironic that their office is in a house, and their brand is "House Plant ."Their home office exists as a historical bungalow built in 1918 and is in Los Angeles, California, the heart of Cannabis Culture in America. 

Seth Rogen ash Trays

” I take everything home with me for months and months and months, and I use it to death. I actually use my ashtrays all the time, and having them be cleanable is something we probably talk about more than almost anything. Ad nauseam,” ~ Seth Rogan

What Products Can I Buy from House Plant? 

  • Cannabis – Are you curious to try Seth Rogan’s House Plant Cannabis Flower? Check your local marijuana dispensary for strain information and availability. 
  • trippy cannabis 

  • Seth Rogan Original Art – One positive side of the pandemic lockdown is that some of us were able to tap into a part of our creative selves. Seth Rogan developed a newfound passion for the art of “pottery ."Combined with his obsession with antique ashtrays, his innovative sculptures are designed from a “stoner state of mind ."Clay ashtrays personally handcrafted by Seth Rogan are available for purchase on their website.
  • hide your weed container

    “With the rise of weed and people smoking it more, ashtray ingenuity is on the rise once again.” ~ Seth Rogan

  • Ashtrays – A vintage soul with a modern flair, the ashtrays available at House Plant are undoubtedly designed for the seasoned stoner. The simplistic concepts provide logical solutions for a classy & cozy toking experience. Are your lamp and ashtray cluttering space on your desk? The Strut Lamp is a lamp and an ashtray known to "form a union that's been destine for eternity ."Do you need an ashtray in your zen space but don't have an end table to put it on?
  • Seth Rogen Ash Trays

  • House Plant is bringing back the vintage Standing Ashtray with a contemporary twist. Made from solid brushed brass and walnut, the team at House Plant describes it as "something a cool uncle might have had ."A common feature found in most of the standard designs (such as the Balance Ashtray) is a deep well in the shape of a cup which allows for easy mobility with less ash flying around and a ledge for resting your joint or small pipe, complete with a certificate of authenticity from the artist. All ashtrays available through House Plant are removable and easy to clean. 

  • "It's not the order in which things are invented that makes them the most impressive. It's the importance they have to humanity. So my number one is this: FIRE with a flick of the fingers.” 

    ~ Stephen Fry

    lighter flash
  • Lighters – The lighter has been documented as the greatest invention in human history. Most smokers will admit they are guilty of either losing and/or accidentally stealing lighters during a smoke session. If you’ve purchased a lighter from House Plant, you definitely don’t want to leave it out of your sight. Looking for a discrete way to toke on the go? Try House Plant’s Carry Case, an all-in-one grinder, ashtray, storage, and butane lighter. Take a hit of nostalgia using the tabletop, marble base Car Lighter. Select the flame-inspired Flip Top lighter designed by Tsubota. Be sure to have lighter fluid on hand upon arrival as the lighters arrive empty for safety upon delivery. 
  • Seth Rogan matches
  • Matches - Seth Rogen explains the story of House Plant’s signature matches in the way of a happy accident. The prototype delivered was much larger than expected, leading to the jumbo-sized matches that you can see on their website. In addition, Zen lovers will appreciate the Pebble Match Strike, appearing as two stacked stones in disguise, yet a match striker, holder, and ashtray. 

    You can go your own way

    fletwood Mac“If you’ve been working on something for a few hours and you smoke a joint, it’s like hearing it again for the first time.” ~ Lindsey Buckingham (Fleetwood Mac)

  • Marijuana Lifestyle Accessories – House Plant offers thoughtful products for those “living the weed life” and seeking a vintage flair in their zen space. The handmade porcelain Rocks Cup Set is hand-carved with patterns of nature and adorned in Celadon glaze for a translucent hue.

  •  The Zelda Lighter Caddy doesn’t come with a lighter but is sure to light up your day. Zelda is the name of Seth Rogan’s dog, an adorable white-and-brown Cavalier King Charles spaniel that he shares with his wife. Made of Zinc with a Patina finish, this caddy comes in two colors and holds one mini–Bic Lighter (not included). 

    Zelda the dog- Seth Rogan Lighter cases

    As if they haven’t thought of everything already, this following product is the "cream of the crop” for creating the perfect environment for your next smoke session. The Vinyl Box Set Vol. 1 is a collection of three vinyl records, each curated with a customized playlist, curated by Seth Rogan and Evan Goldberg. The albums Sativa, Hybrid & Indica contain songs specifically chosen to provoke the vibe of each strain. Enjoy 103 minutes of vibrational music to enhance your cannabis experience. 

    Seth Rogen Music Albums

    “We did not set out to base Houseplant out of a house. A lot of our products are home goods. We found that being able to see them in a home setting was invaluable.” ~ Seth Rogan

    Take a complete virtual tour of the House Plant Headquarters in California!

    [ CLICK HERE ]

    Setj Rogen

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