Herb Grinders for Arthritis and Limited Mobility 🌿

Best Types of Herb Grinders for Patient’s Living with Arthritis & Limited Mobility 🌿

  Anyone living with; Rheumatoid Arthritis, other Autoimmune Diseases, physical disabilities or neuropathy can understand the pain & limited mobility in our hands. A 2019 study reported that seasons and extreme temperatures can induce flare ups making symptoms even worse.  For Medical Marijuana Patients, being able to independently access, prepare and administer medication is essential for relief. 
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Here are the Top 6 Herb Grinders to help with Arthritis and Limited Mobility.  

  • A Hand Crank Herb Grinder operates like a coffee grinder, with a handle on top as opposed to grasping the grinder with your hands to turn the flower.  This design requires less hand strength and is easier to grasp for those with difficulty in fine motor skills. 
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    Benefits of a Hand Crank Herb Grinder
  • Easier to use
  • Fits comfortably in the palm of your hands
  • Most have a clear top to observe the grinding process
  • Precision blades for ground flower and a smooth experience
  • Room for herb storage
  • Pollen chamber


    Electric Herb Grinders provide amazing advantages from traditional manual herb grinders.  Electric Herb Grinders are battery operated and powered with enough force to ground dried plant matter, so you don’t have to.
      electric grinder
    Electric Herb Grinder Benefits:
    • Motorized device 
    • Less strain on hands
    • Easy to use
    • One Handed Operation


    These grinders might look like your typical grinder, but their innovative “Siemens CAD Software Technology” engineered a unique approach called a “7-Catch Design” for the perfect shredding experience.  
    Benefits of Santa Cruz Shredder:
     Piece Rasta Shredder
    • Revolutionary Threading Design for little effort while turning grinder
    • “Knurled” grip is more pronounced for easier rotation and torque
    • “Drum Skin-Tight” secured screens for less spills
    • Superior Magnets prevent spills, odors, and herb dry-out
    • Patented “New Tooth Design”


       7Pipe is known for creating adaptive cannabis accessories designed for individuals living with disabilities.  Traction Bars are strategically placed around the hand grip. This feature requires less effort and allows torque with ease.  
    These Herb Grinders offer:
    • Traction Bars 
    • Kief Collector
    • Screen
    • Premium Grinding Teeth
    7Pipe has developed other groundbreaking medicinal medical marijuana accessories, transforming glass pipes, blunts, and bongs into adaptive devices ensuring the same universal benefits to all patients with ease of use. 


    Do you enjoy Cannabis Cones, but avoid them because you struggle with grinding the flower and rolling the papers? This all-in-one cone making device is a game changer! Created by the Banana Brothers with their “Mill, Fill & Chill” method this device does all the work for you.
    How does it work?
    • Push a button for freshly milled flower
    • Automatically add cone and filter
    • Return to charging station for next use

    Customer Reviews online indicate The Original Otto is one of the most disability friendly cannabis accessories on the market. 
  • MMJ Grind was founded by a team of specialists who observed struggles from Medical Marijuana patients using grinders and avoidable contamination hazard risks.  This medical grade grinder was developed using Bio-compatible materials to eliminate friction, prevent medicinal contamination, and provide smooth grinding. 
    • FDA & USP Class VI Certified Materials
    • Enhanced Silicone Rubber Grips Matching all Palm Shapes
    • MMJ Grind Patent-Pending Friction Reduction Ring
    • Gradual Grinding for Breaking (not shredding) Flower
    • Loading Slot holds the “whole flower” reducing direct hand contact to avoid medicinal contamination
    “Happily, adopted by seniors and decreased hand movement patients suffering from various Arthritis conditions.” – MMJ Grind
      Since everyone is different and has unique circumstances, the Grinder that’s best for you, is the one that suites your needs and preferences. 
    Have you tried any of the grinders on this list?
    Sharing your thoughts and experiences could help someone else in the future.
    We would love to hear from you!

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