Glass Pipes: Why you should Keep them Clean 🧼

“When you smoke the herb, it reveals you to yourself”

~ Bob Marley

 Bob marley

Whether you smoke cannabis flower, tobacco, or dried herbs, you are sure to have an eclectic artistic collection of smoking devices. When it comes to bowls, bongs or pipes, glass is the most common material for hand-held pieces or larger sculpted creations. Keeping your glass smoking device clean is essential to ensure a safe & satisfactory consumption experience, and here’s why.

Prevents Certain Health Concerns

Resin, dirt, ash, and dried flower can build up over time when using a glass bong, pipe, or bubbler. Thorough and regular cleaning is crucial to prevent the spread of germs and to ensure you are not inhaling bacteria, mold, or tar residue.

3D lungs

Always consult your physician with any medical or health concerns.  Smoking weed does help a lot, but not for everything. Contact experts if you need expert advice. 

Ensure Optimal Device Performance

Clogs can form when resin builds up decreasing airflow through the chambers causing unclean smoke and jeopardizing the performance of the device. This can also lead to an uneven burn of dry herbs which wastes the product. 

Optimal Performance

If you want the optimal performance from your glass pipe keeping it clog free will make sure you get complete and full rips. 

Protects Product Taste

The taste of cannabis is the best thing in the world. Some of us true stoners would rather taste different cannabises than taste different types of ice cream.

The price of some marijuana products can put a strain on your budget.  So, you want to be sure you are savoring every moment of your ganja session for a complete herbal sensory experience.

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  However, sometimes ash and resin can become thick and pungent with repeated use when the glass pieces are not cleaned properly.

The scent and taste of the leftover plant matter overpowers the natural aroma and flavor of the dry flower. 

Prevent A Fire Be Cool 😎

The thick, black tar substance you see leftover in your bowl after smoking, consists of used oils, wax, resin, ash, and some unused flower. All these materials are flammable, especially when amounts begin to accumulate. Always use caution when lighting your flower.


Be sure to keep the glass pipe a safe distance from the face to avoid risk of flame and burns before igniting. 

Show Off Your Glass Piece 🏆

Glass Blowing is an ancient art from dating back to the 1st Century BC. This technique of glass forming was invented by a Syrian craftsman somewhere along the Syro-Palestinian coast.

Syro-Palestinian coast

Artists combine art and science using pigments and blowing into molten glass to design mesmerizing sculptures and pieces. Ash, resin, and carbon generated from smoking changes the appearance of the colors and designs on the glass.

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A clean pipe is safer and more enticing to guests when hosting smoke sessions.

How Do You Clean Glass Smoking Devices? 🧹

So, your bowl is dirty, but how do you get it clean? Many cannabis connoisseurs have claims of magic recipes to get the job done. One simple option is using White Vinegar and Baking Soda.  These ingredients are natural, safe, inexpensive, and typically found around the home. The vinegar gently removes wax, resin, and odors, while the baking soda softens the water. The CO2 produced from the chemical reaction of the solution is semi-abrasive and gentle on the glass to avoid scratches. 

before after cleaning

Another common recipe pairs alcohol and salt. Use a minimum of 71% isopropyl (91% preferred) alcohol with table salt that can be found at your local pharmacy. This method cleans much faster, however raises some risks as alcohol should not be inhaled and is flammable.

trippy Rubbing alcohol

A safe practice is to wash the glass with warm water and Dawn dish soap following this procedure.

If you’re not comfortable mixing your own solution, there are cleaning products on the market formulated specifically for cleaning glass smoking devices. You can find these products by contacting a cannabis dispensary, visiting a local marijuana head shop, or by ordering online. 

Are you struggling to get your glass bowl clean? 

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