Getting Lit: 🔥 10 Unique Lighter Facts You Should Know!

Whether you’re a smoker, a toker, or a cannabis broker, lighters play an important role in your herbal experience. Here’s the 10 most burning questions and answers about cool lighters to get you fired up! 🔥💨💨

#1. What is the White Lighter Myth?

The curse of the white lighter is an urban legend stemming all the way back
to the early 1970’s. The mystery and folklore surround the deaths of
several musicians from (what some call) the “27Club”. Believers claim that
each artist had a “white lighter” in their possession upon their untimely
The “27Club” includes legendary artists:
🔥 Kurt Cobain
🔥Jimi Hendrix
🔥 Janis Joplin
🔥 Jim Morrison
Even though reports this myth to be false, some people still consider the white lighter to be bad luck. Many Reddit marijuana
consumers have stated that white lighters that have been coated in ash
residue from packing a bowl, were more noticeable to authorities which
caused arrests and jail time.
One e-mail 📋survey asked 100 cannabis users
if they had any negative experiences while using white lighters. Some
reported broken bong’s, food poisoning and police incidents, while others
indicated no negative effects or any instances of what they would consider
to be “bad luck”.
Has your white lighter ever given you any bad vibes??😨

#2. Why do stoners like Clipper Lighters?

Clipper lighters are windproof and sometimes preferred by some stoners who
remove the flint and use it as a multi-purpose device for packing blunts,
joints and some types of bowls. 
clipper lighters

#3. How can I stop losing my lighter?

The solution? A magnet. 🧲

2 main reasons we lose our lighters:

1. We drop our lighters, and they get lost
2. A friend pockets your lighter when passing the bowl
During a smoke session, two brothers developed the idea, researched
reputable glass blowing artists and designed stylish glass bowls with
magnets to keep your lighter safe and secure.
The Future
This method gives you relief in knowing you will always know where to find
your lighter. The sleek composition and innovative magnetic design enable
smoother transitions making hand-offs less awkward and decreases the
risk of drops & breaks. Learn more at

4 Magnetic Glass Blown Pipe Design Options:

I. The Champ - $22.99
II. The Future – $29.99
III. The Peacemaker - $49.99
IV. The Titan Typhoon - $79.99
🔥Each magnetic glass bowl is hand blown here in the USA 🦅 and includes a
FREE Capsule Case, FREE lighter, and FREE SHIPPING 📦(in the
continental U.S.)

#4. What does BIC stand for on a lighter?

The founder of the lighter company, “BIC” is Marcel Bich. The name “BIC”
is the shortened version of his last name.
bic lighter
What was your guess on what “BIC” stands for or did you already know?

#5. What is the hottest part of a micro torch flame?

The tip of the inner flame is the hottest point of a micro torch flame and
can reach temperatures up to 2000 degrees Fahrenheit.

#6. What kind of lighter is best for smoking bongs?

Several options exist, though disposable lighters are easy and cost
effective. Their gentle fire and ability to heat the dried herbs smoothly
allows for the most simplistic method but is not as eco-friendly.

3 Best ways for heating the herb in your bong:

🔥 Disposable lighter
🔥 Micro torch lighter

#7. Who invented the first lighter?

Johann Wolfgang Döbereiner was a German chemist who invented the first
lighter in 1823. This innovative invention was referred to as “Döbereiner’s
Lamp”, “Fürstenberger Lighter” and a “Tinderbox”.
original lighter
The heating elements were marketed for the use of lighting pipes and starting fires. Approximately 1 million of the devices were sold across Europe, clearing the path for other manufacturers to make improvements on the design.

#8. How many flicks are in a BIC lighter?

According to you can get up to 3,000 flicks from a standard BIC
disposable lighter. Blaze up it!! 🔥💨💨

#9. Are Zippos good for lighting weed bowls?

Yes, as a matter of fact, Zippo has developed “Zippo Pipe Lighters”
designed specifically to direct and draw a gentle flame for an even burn.
Zippo Lighter
This process guides the flame to the bowl igniting the cannabis, preventing
waste, and promotes a more positive smoking experience.

#10. What is the Tesla coil lighter?⚡

The Tesla coil lighter is a heating element that functions by creating an
electric arc that is flameless and waterproof providing a cleaner burn when
smoking dried herbs.
The Tesla coil lighter is powered by USB,
rechargeable, and lasts up to 300 uses between charges.

BONUS QUESTION: What is the easiest lighter to use for arthritis in my hands?

Spark ignition lighters are the simplest lighters to use, with just
one click of a button. While traditional lighters contain a spark
wheel, this option requires less effort and strength providing a
more user-friendly blaze.
arthritis hands
Independence and accessibility are key factors in maintaining
health, dignity and quality of human life for all of us. Spark ignition
lighters provide the easiest option, but not the only one. Everyone
is different and you need to choose what works best for you.

Here are some brief descriptions of different types of lighters:

🔥 Plastic Spark Wheel Lighters - Spark wheel is flicked to produce a flame
🔥Piezo Spark Ignition Lighters – Push button method that creates a spark
🔥 Zippo – Style Lighters – Spinning spark wheel causing a flame that stays lit. 
🔥 Torch Lighters – Like small Bunsen burners, they produce a strong flame
🔥 Electric Coil Lighters – Battery operated flameless lighters
🔥 Plasma Lighters – Electricity creates charges between two nodes (flameless)
🔥 Permanent Match – “Forever Match” Metal spark stick and wick
🔥 Candle Lighters – Utility lighter with a long neck
🔥 Pipe Lighters – Butane spark wheel lighter with flames from the side
Lighters are an essential accessory for your journey down the
path of smoking dried herbs.
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What type of lighter do you prefer?
Do you have any “burning” questions you need answered?
Let us know in the comments.

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