Cannabis Trends: The 12 Strains of Christmas 🎄

Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa – regardless of your beliefs, we can all unite in holiday cannabis celebrations during December. More and more states are legalizing recreational & medical marijuana use for patients in need, offering many reasons to celebrate! The cannabis community has developed creative ways to incorporate weed into your holiday festivities. 

Cannabis and Santa

Bud lovers might find joy in packing up a pipe, firing up a bong, or rolling flower into a giant sweet blunt. Those that prefer cannabis edibles can savor scrumptious delights baked with goodness and have a “jolly old time." 

No matter how you choose to celebrate, here are 12 festive strains to try this holiday season:

1) Christmas Tree (Indica-Dominant)

Christmas Tree is one of the most classic holiday strains because the buds are full and shaped like a tree. The amber fibers are reminiscent of ornaments, and the crystals shimmer like lights and glistening snow.

Christmas Tree Cannabis

Enjoy the taste and aroma with earthy notes of wood & pine. This Indica dominant strain will keep you relaxed and cozy any December night. 

2) Kosher Kush #1 (Indica-Dominant)

If you like skunky, potent weed with a strong body high, then you will love Kosher Kush #1. The original growers of this Indica-dominant strain are in California and report that the plants are blessed by a rabbi. 

Cannabis leaf

3) Light of Jah (Sativa-Dominant)

Need something to get you in the holiday spirit? Light of Jah is a Sativa-dominant strain that will lift you up and keep you motivated. The tropical taste of pepper & sweet spices moves the body to get you feeling positive & creative. 

christmas cannabis

4) Candy Cane (Indica-Hybrid)

Candy Cane is the friend that you bring to a holiday party. The calming effects keep you relaxed enough to face the crowds but keep you feeling intrigued increasing social interaction. In addition, the flowers have an herbal scent that boosts the nostalgia of peppermint candy canes & gingerbread houses. 

candy cane

5) Cornbread (Indica-Dominant)

Do you eat your cornbread before your meal, during your meal, or after you’ve cleaned your plate? When it comes to this indica-dominant strain, you’ll be feeling that heavy, tranquilized feeling. So, you better save time for a nap. 

Cornbread cannabis

6) Jack Frost (Hybrid)

Jack Frost might not be nipping at your nose this year, but he can bring joy, positivity, and creativity to your holiday season. Jack Frost is a hybrid strain that is a cross between Northern Lights #5 and White Widow. Hints of lemon & sweet, woody aromatic scents can improve your mood and relieve anxiety.


7) Christmas OG (Indica-Dominant)

Christmas OG is the perfect strain to ensure a silent night. A derivative of Pine OG & OG Kush, the smell of Christmas pine is potent. As a result, users have experienced relief from pain, insomnia, anxiety, and muscle aches. 

8) Christmas Cookies (Hybrid)

Baking holiday cookies never smelled so good! Christmas Cookies is a strain with a balance of Sativa & Indica to bring a flower that is a perfectly even blend. Improve your mood and relax at the same time with this sugary euphoric hybrid. 

cannabis cookies 

9) Sugar Plum (Sativa-Dominant)

It’s time for the dance of the sugar plum fairies. The cerebral effects of this strain are felt deep in the body. Berkeley Blues is crossed with Hawaiian Haze, yielding an earthy and tropical flavor.  

neon christmas 

10) Chocolate Diesel (Sativa-Dominant)

Chocolate Diesel is a Sativa-dominant hybrid with a lineage connecting to Sour Diesel & Chocolate Thai. Smelling sweet and nostalgic, the experience is euphoric and encourages creativity. 

chocolate diesel

11) Jesus OG Kush (Indica-Dominant)

The miracle of this flower is its ability to make you feel both relaxed &    energetic at the same time. This is a hybrid strain that is heavy on the indica side to soothe the body yet provides clarity, motivation, and uplifting energy.  John 3:16. 🙏

Cannabis. John 3:16

12) 3 KINGS (Sativa-Dominant Hybrid)

The Three Kings is the godfather of marijuana strains. This sacred trinity is a Sativa-dominant hybrid, worthy of all traditions. The lineage behind this holy blend consists of OG Kush, Headband, and Sour Diesel. Medical Marijuana patients can benefit from its ability to reduce pain, anxiety, and nausea.
Merry Christmas
What is your favorite strain to celebrate the holiday season?

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