Bongs With Magnets! Blownin' Away old bongs forever! 💣

Love rippin' a bong?! 💨👊 Yeah, me too! 
We are currently in the process of developing a Bong with Magnet. That's right a Bong With Magnet😆. It will be first of its kind. We plan to release the Bong with Magnet in mid to late May 2020. 

Forging Greatness with the Heart! ❤

Glass blowing creating bowls with magnets
The picture above, is my homie Alex making the Titan Typhoon  one of our most excellent Bowls With Magnets. It's amazing to think that each bowl is hand made. It takes incredible craftsmanship to actually know how to blow glass beautifully.
To blow glass you need many different skills much of which are learned over time. These people love what they do and it shows in their work. 
  • Imagination (mixing glass, blowing techniques. etc)
  • Stamina (sometime producing 20-50 bowls a day each)
  • Love for what they do (like an artist with paint but with glass)

Check out the video below of a really awesome walk-through over at Chameleon Glass by The Daily Sesh. Subscribe to their YouTube Channel. 👍

The making of a Bong With Magnet is Revolutionary! 💡

Tons of blazing, debating and more blazing took place as we discussed the prefect placement of the magnet and design of the bong. To be honest it isn't fully agreed upon yet. However, we do know we will be releasing the Bong With Magnet most likely in late May 2020.
Paying homage to the classic bong, the new Bong With Magnet will have the classic bong shape as the base. It will have water bong capabilities as well. 
Classic bong
The thought was simple. We need a classic water bong that is affordable and that also holds up to Bowls With Magnets's standards of thick solid glass with a super strong magnet.  
We will be releasing the Classic Bong with Magnet first to test the response. Later we will release the Beaker Bong with Magnet down the road if there is any interest.
Beaker Bong
This will the be the first of many bongs to come. We are testing the waters right now. If people like it, we'll produce more and different kinds of bongs.
Here is where we want to get your opinion. Do you like the Beaker Style or the Classical Style ?
Feedback icon
Are you interested in being on the Pre-Release List? Everyone on the Pre-Release List will be on the list to be the first to get a Bong-With-Magnet at a discount before it becomes available on the store. 


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