Benefits of the WAKE⏰BAKE! 🔥Top 7 reasons to arise high!

Waking up and getting high is the best way to start the day. 💯
For stoners who have been smoking a lot for a long time cannabis has become apart of life. The Wake-N-Bake is a cornerstone way of life for many stoners including myself. I couldn't image starting a day without the Wake-N-Bake.  Here are the top 7 reasons why waking up and getting high is the best!
Cannabis Wake N Bake

1) Start a Peaceful Blessed Day🙏

Each day is special and we are blessed to live it. If we are lucky enough to survive the day. The start of your day is extremely important. One little thing can throw it off into a bad day. You want to start your day off on the right foot, nice and baked. It will reduce stress from the get go. 
To get into a peaceful blessed mindset smoke a fat bowl of fire when you wake up in the morning, automatically you'll be thankful for cannabis.
surreal sun rising with cannabis left
To watch the sunrise stoned is amazing and you'll get to the point where you will look forward to the Wake-N-Bake. For a lot of stoners they say the Wake-N-Bake  is the best blaze of the day. If they had to choose just one time to smoke it would be the Wake-N-Bake.  Thank the good lord for cannabis. Deep stoners are very grateful for cannabis. It is truly a blessing for mankind.

2) Being high you can do any job💪

Are you ready for the workday? We all know it is sometimes hard to wake up every morning and go to work and make stuff happen. However, when you Wake-N-Bake the mind is primed and ready to do anything! 
Climbing the Mountain
Yes, A true deep stoner can preform better stoned. A true stoner doesn't become worse by smoking weed but better. 
When stoned become Superman, Mentally feel like anything is possible. Cannabis doesn't hamper your skills it enhances your skills. I'm speaking to the seasoned stoner. 

3) Suppress appetite and reduces want for breakfast 🍳

If you are trying to look and feel your best smoking weed will definitely help.  You see a Wake-N-Bake for the true stoner will suppress your appetite thus allowing you to reduce your caloric intake. 
cannabis left and coffee
The more weed you smoke the less you will eat.  Most of the time the munchies concept applies to rookie stoners. Most veteran stoners will avoid food so they don't lose their high. A true stoner wants to keep high not lose it to eating. 
I know I would rather smoke weed in the morning than eat food and I'm sure I'm not alone. What about you ? would you rather smoke weed than eat food in the morning ? Comment below...👇
As a stoner with the Wake-N-Bake you have the ability to get high and fast out. Fasting is a great way to lose weight. But that's another blog topic. I'm just saying that a Wake-N-Bake will help suppress your appetite in the morning.
Skipping breakfast is a great way to reduce weight lose.
cannabis logo on guy's tee shirt
You kill two birds with one stone so to speak. First, you get high and enjoy. Second, the highness gives you the ability to fast out thus helping your lose weight and stay in shape. All because you smoke weed in the morning. Now are you beginning to see why the Wake-N-Bake is important to a successful day. 

4) Workout stoned in the morning 🏋️‍♂️

The easiest and most effective workout by far is...simply getting stoned and going for a jog. Yeah, I'm talking about the average person who doesn't want to spend money for a gym membership but on bags of weed. 

stoners jogging trippy

Smoke a fat J, blunt, couple bowls, bong hit or whatever you like and just step outside and go for a jog. It doesn't have to be crazy but anything is better than nothing. Once the mind is prepared the body will follow.

Jogging stoned is easy and really effective. Personally I have ran 9 marathons stoned, and countless other races ripped out of my mind. Cannabis and running are very healthy ways to live life.  If you can't jog, just start walking.  Remember anything is better than nothing. 

5) Prepares you to deal with BS💩

More than likely you'll have to deal with some kind of BS throughout your day. Smoking weed in the morning will prepare you not to really take any BS seriously.

angry women on phone

You'll be in a happy mood with the Wake-N-Bake. BS will not likely to affect you if you are stoned AF. Look, you and I both know that the mind is able to reason any BS when super stoned. BS doesn't really matter much when you are baked. So why not start your day with a nice Wake-N-Bake. ⏰

6) It is the best high of the day🌞

Those of us who are seasoned stoners know that the Wake-N-Bake is the best high of the day. Waking up early just to smoke weed is so fun!! Seriously, I don't have a problem, I found the solution.


  I'm sure if a study were done with stoners the majority would agree the Wake-N-Bake is the best high of the day. Where you get the stonest and most baked.  Once you are super baked in the morning you are ready for anything. Your lunch break or evening high won't be as powerful as the first few rips in the morning.

7) Why Not!! 🤷‍♂️🔥💨

Yeah, why not!? Stop living by social norms. You can do anything you want high. The old way of thinking that cannabis is "dope" is over. Cannabis is a blessing and can actually help your life not hurt it.

cannabis leaf in the sun 

Obviously, too much of any thing is sinful. Gluttony in cannabis is just as bad as gluttony in food. It can destroy your life. However, you can smoke weed and enjoy it, learn with it, do active things with it. Cannabis is truly the miracle drug although it isn't a drug, but rather a creation of the lord. Genesis 1:29. 

cannabis and the bible

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