Autumn Strains: The Best Cannabis Strains for Fall 2022 🍁

The autumn equinox fell on September 22, 2022, this year. The first day of fall brings nostalgia with the taste of cinnamon and candied apples, the warmth of early evening bonfires, and the sweet musky smell of raked leaves. So grab your pumpkin spice latte and load up your piece. Let’s explore the best cannabis strains to celebrate the season of fall.

Apple Sundae 🍨

Bred by Cannarado, this Indica Dominant strain is a combination of Apple Juice & Sundae Driver and has orange copper pistils and green sage buds. High in Myrcene, Limonene and Caryophyllene, this strain will leave you feeling uplifted yet relaxed with a whole body feel. Experience notes of cinnamon and apple whisky sour. 
Apple Sundae   Bred by Cannarado

Marshmellow OG ✌️

This hybrid blend is Indica-dominant and crossed with OG Kush and Bubblegum. The terpene profile consists of humulene, linalool, bisabolol, caryophyllene, and myrcene with a sweet, euphoric taste. These pain-relieving properties, produced by Organic Remedies,  have aromatic notes of nuts, honey, and smoked caramel. 
Marshmellow OG

Jungle Apples 🍎

Jungle Apples is a well-balanced Hybrid composed of 50% Sativa & 50% Indica strains. Cultivated by Roll One Cannabis (R.O.), this strain was developed by crossing WiFi #43 and Sour Apple IBL to create a tangy flavor with Cerebral effects. This flower has slightly earthy notes with a citrus, sour apple taste. The most notable results include a whole body high that feels happy and euphoric.
Roll One Cannabis

Hades’ Orchard 

Crossed Grapefruit Durban and Hell’s OG, this strain is an Indica Dominant Hybrid. Users describe the flavor as reminiscent of toasted apples and fire-burning citrus fruits and feeling relaxed and soothed. Produced by Terrapin, this flower can be found in various Pennsylvania Medical Marijuana Dispensaries. 

Apple Cobbler 🍏

Calming & uplifting, this Apple Cobbler is a dish you can enjoy before you eat your entrée. With THC levels ranging from 20-24%, patients can benefit from the soothing effects that are non-sedating and help relieve pain and reduce anxiety & depression symptoms. These buds are produced by crossing delicious Blueberry Moonshine with fresh Sour Apple strains. Experience aromatic flavors of fruit, pine, and spicy pepper. 
Apple Cobbler

Maple Leaf Indica 🍁

The sweet and spicy smell of freshly raked leaves in fall, burning incense, and honey best describes this potent Indica cannabis strain. Maple Leaf Indica offers full-body effects, with patients reporting improved sleep, pain reduction, and increased libido. Lineage was produced by crossing Skunk #1 with Blue Black strains. 
Maple Leaf Indica

Cream Caramel 🍬

Also known as "Royal Cream," this strain is 90% Indica dominant and gets its name because it smells like caramel and honey. This flower originates from 3 strains, Maple Leaf Indica, White Rhino, and Blue Black. High in myrcene content, the effects can be soothing and peaceful. 
Royal Cream

Crop Duster 💨

Though this is not the type of “crop dusting” you might be thinking of, this bud has a scent that packs a punch so big you might want to clear the room. Crop Duster is a Sativa dominant strain that is very sticky with a strong diesel aroma and notes of fruits and hops. The effects reported include euphoria and elevated mood. This flower has a parental lineage of a cross between Daily Driver and Chem D.
cannabis plants
Whether you prefer harvesting corn, enjoying hayrides through the pumpkin patch, or visiting apple orchards this autumn, these strains can surely make you feel cozy. 
What’s your favorite Fall Cannabis Strain? 🤔

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