9 Top Cannabis Strains to Bring In 2023🥳

Unity is essential, and if there is one thing we can all unite with, it’s the fact that we have all made it here together in 2023. We have so much to be grateful for in the cannabis community and much to look forward to in the New Year ahead.
More and More states are legalizing the use of cannabis for patients seeking plant medicine & more Americans are gaining rights in their states to choose to consume marijuana recreationally. Most importantly, citizens that have been wrongfully convicted of cannabis-related crimes are finally starting to see justice & reform. 
Happy New Yars
In honor of celebrating positive moments along the journey of the cannabis movement, here are the nine top weed strains to help get the year off to a good start!
  • Alaskan Thunder Fuck (Sativa-Dominant)
  • The cold winter months are reminiscent of the white snowy landscapes of Alaska. The origins of Alaskan Thunder Fuck were founded in the Matanuska Valley in Alaska. When the long winter nights bring on the blues, this strain can help elevate the mood and keep you motivated. 
    Alaskan Thunder Fuck
    Boston Tea Party (Hybrid)
    December 16th, 1773, marks the political protest known as the “Boston Tea Party” at Griffin’s Wharf in Boston, Massachusetts. The marijuana plant of the same name is a potent cross between “Georgia Pie” and “Popcorn4516”.
    Boston Tea Party (Hybrid)
    Boston Tea Party has a skunk-like kerosene scent with sweet notes like a chocolate vanilla twist ice cream cone. Drift off into a cerebral euphoria and transition into the heavy physical feeling in the body as you melt into the softness of your chair, sofa, or bed. 
    Pink Rozay (Indica-Dominant)
    If champagne or wine isn’t your style, you can always toast the new year with a little “Pink Rozay” the cannabis way. Pink Rozay is an Indica-dominant strain tasting floral & earthy. Most patients use it to relieve chronic pain & inflammation (without the hangover) due to its high THC content. 
    Pink Rozay (Indica-Dominant)
    Northern Lights (Indica-Dominant)
    Rumored to have originated in Seattle and then propagated in Holland since 1985, this strain resonates cool soothing effects as an anti-inflammatory & promotes peaceful, sleepy nights of euphoria reminiscent of experiencing the aurora borealis. 
    Northern Lights (Indica-Dominant)
    Cold As Ice (Sativa-Dominant)
    Cresco offers the popular strain “Cold as Ice," a cross between Open Pollination 10 & Han Solo Burger. This Sativa-dominant strain boasts flavors of citrus, cinnamon, hops, lavender & pine. Fight the effects of depression with the uplifting effects while combating anxiety through the experience of peaceful, calming sensations. 
    Chem Chills (Hybrid)
    Flowing with the frigid winter, “Chem Chillz” is a classic strain that results by crossing Garlic Cookies & Chillz. Heavy on the Indica side, the flavor is potent and skunky with notes of sweets, earth, and spice. The experience feels uplifting, balanced, and serene. 
    Chem Chillz
    Snowball (Indica-Dominant)
    “Snowball” comes from the white snowy trichomes found dusted over the dense, thick flowering buds of this cannabis strain. Imagine a lavender field with a blanket of frosted, glistening snow. Created by Ethos Genetics, this Indica-dominant offspring is the result of crossing “The White” with “Chem 4 OG S1”. High levels of THC make this plant the perfect selection for relaxing by a warm cozy fire on a snow day.
     neon hands twisting a joint
    Permafrost (Sativa-Dominant)
    The lineage of the Permafrost strain originates from "White Widow" and "Trainwreck ."With the aroma of robust fresh pine and visions of green buds covered in sparkling snow, it’s no surprise how this strain got its name. Select this strain to ease anxiety, help fight the winter blues, and stay busy indoors by expanding your creativity.
    Permafrost is a Sativa-dominant strain  
    Ice (Hybrid)
    Ice is a hybrid born from the legacy of its forefathers: Shiva, Northern Lights, Skunk, and Afghani. Shimmering buds and trichomes resembling frosted glass inspired cultivators to call this strain "ICE ."There are two words to describe the taste and smell – pungent & diesel. Experience the sensation of feeling focused and relaxed to get projects done without the stress of staying productive during the winter. 
    Whether you prefer to roll a joint, pack up a bowl, fire up a bong, or consume edibles, there is a plant that is right for you to guide you into the future of 2023.
    What cannabis strain makes you feel warm & cozy? 

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