5 Ways Cannabis Can Help During the Cold Winter Season❄️

The longest day of the year occurred during the Winter Solstice on December 21, 2022. Winter is officially upon us. Most of us feel the effects of blizzards, record-low temperatures & snowfall. Frigid conditions, combined with longer nights and shorter days, can adversely affect our physical, mental, and emotional health. 


If traditional remedies are not suitable for you, here are five ways that Cannabis can help during the winter months. 

Reduces Pain & Inflammation 🩹

Pain is the detector for our bodies to let us know something is incorrect. Whether it's a disease, illness, or injury, pain can be debilitating & Life changing. Cold weather can exacerbate some health issues and increase pain symptoms. 

cannabis and pain

Studies show that Cannabis can minimize the effects of pain by reducing inflammation and soothing neural pathways. Pain is signaled to the brain when our nerves become activated due to variables such as touch, motion, heat & cold fluctuations, environment, or chemical imbalances. Cannabis contains cannabinoids that replicate the natural cannabinoids found in the body. Together, they work with receptors in the human system to block peripheral nerve pain. 

Eases Depression 😁

Depression affects more than 1 in 10 adults a year and is the #1 cause of disability in people aged 15 to 44. In addition, over 41,000 human beings die by means of suicide every year. 


Seasonal Affective Disorder is a form of depression related to the changing seasons. Most people experience symptoms in the fall, which lasts throughout the winter months. Some natural ways to combat depression include light therapy & medical Cannabis.  

In 2015, a study concluded that the chemical compounds found in Cannabis could regulate endocannabinoid function and alleviate depression symptoms. As a result, doctors can work with patients to determine treatment methods customized to their needs.

Improves Sleep Cycles 💤

Depression, Anxiety, Pain, and other debilitating symptoms can cause insomnia & difficulty sleeping through the night. In addition, during the winter months, we have short days giving us less sunlight, and long nights, extending periods of darkness.

time to blaze

This change in light & dark can unbalance our sleep patterns and cause insomnia. Consuming cannabis Indica strains that test high in Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) has been proven to induce sleep and help to regulate sleep cycles.

Soothes Anxiety & PTSD Symptoms 👹

The cold winter season can bring on depression, but sometimes that also can include Anxiety and PTSD. Those that seek natural methods to relieve symptoms of Anxiety & PTSD can also try medical marijuana (if it is legal in their state). 

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It is important to note that certain strains can increase anxiety. Therefore, when using Cannabis to relieve stress or PTSD, you should always choose an Indica strain or an Indica-Dominant Hybrid strain. So, it is crucial to discuss strain options with your medical provider or pharmacist at your local medical marijuana dispensary. 

Protects Against Bacterial & Viral Infections 🩻

Colds, Flu, and viruses are more common in the winter months. When it is cold, we tend to stay indoors to keep warm. Unfortunately, viruses and bacteria can thrive in the heat and spread quickly. One reported benefit of cannabis use is its ability to protect against bacterial and viral infections, including COVID. 

sick to stoned

Medical cannabis patients can also experience the benefits of this medicinal plant by seeing trends in lowering blood pressure and preventing relapses from drug & alcohol addiction. 

Whether you smoke flower, vape oil, consume edibles, or apply topically, the cannabis plant can benefit you through the winter months. 

Have you used Cannabis to help battle the cold? What strains do you prefer during winter? 🔥

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