10 Intriguing Activities to try while you’re High! 😆💨

(This article is not intended for medical purposes. Always consult your physician to determine what activities are best and safest for your lifestyle.) 

The Smoke Session

Do you like to take hits from a blunt, smoke from a bowl, or toke using a bong? Maybe you like to vape, use tinctures, or consume edibles? Whatever marijuana delivery method you prefer, you are feeling that high. But what should you do now?  Look at this list of 10 fascinating 420 activities to improve your cannabis experience. 

Twist a Joint

  • Meditation 
  • Meditation can be defined as “techniques that are intended to encourage a heightened state of awareness and focused attention”. Meditation prepares us with a sense of peace, calm, and overall well-being.

    It reduces stress by teaching us to transfer our attention on something else. Anyone living with ADHD or other Attention Deficits, can find it difficult to calm the mind and focus.

    pray to Jesus

    This can make meditation a challenge for some individuals. Some people find that using some indica strains can help stabilize the brain with a feeling of tranquility, for a mindful and more in-depth spiritual session.  

  • Explore Nature
  • Go outside and smell the fresh air. Take off your shoes, and gently wave the soles of your feet over the soft blades of green grass. Feeling adventurous? Take a hike in the woods. Hug a tree.

    beautiful waterfall

    Feel the wind in your hair and the sun on your face. Is it a yucky day outside? Go dance in the rain! Catch a snowflake. Nature heals, soothes, and restores our well-being. Whatever climate you live in, whatever season you prefer, go be in nature.

  • Clean & Organize your Space 
  • Stoners have the stigma of being lazy “couch potatoes.” However, cannabis users report that sativa strains like “Durban Poison” can really get you motivated.

    cleaning stoned

    When we feel comfortable and safe in our environment our mental health is improved. Organized and clean spaces help:

    •  Lower stress & fatigue
    •  Reduce allergies & asthma symptoms
    •  Increases safety
    •  Prevents the spread of germs
    •  Improves mood
  • Watch a Fascinating Documentary
  • With a marijuana high in full effect, our attention and focus are heightened. We are ready and willing to learn. We are curious and intrigued.

    watching tv

    One of the best ways to take advantage of this euphoric state is to educate your mind. Horror documentaries, true crime, spirituality, history, futuristic, whatever topic stimulates your imagination, can elevate your cannabis experience. 

  • Listen to Music 
  • Choose your playlist, turn up the volume, and get, “lost”. Sound, vibration, and music are some of the most ancient forms of healing ever recorded. Listening to music while consuming cannabis can induce a euphoric sensation and a feeling of connection. 


  • Practice Yoga
  • Marijuana and Yoga go together because both focus on the mind, body, & spirit connection. They reduce stress, decrease anxiety, and improve overall well-being. 


  • Engage in Artforms 
  • We cook, paint, draw, design, sing, play, and express ourselves in so many ways. Everything that we do is art. Studies show that cannabis increases blood flow to the frontal lobe of the brain increasing cerebral activity. This can offer the artist opportunities to express themselves more freely and creatively. 

  • Rest Your Body
  • Sleep may sound like a simple task, but for those that struggle with insomnia and getting a restful night’s sleep, it’s a huge deal! Cannabis can also help with pain, inflammation, and restless leg syndrome. If you have found an Indica strain that gives you the relief that you need, then listen to your body. Rest and relax and give yourself the peace that you deserve. 

    jar of cannabis


  • Play Games with Friends
  • Playing games and consuming cannabis both have the benefit of increasing social interaction. So, what better option is there then to pair the two? Some of the best stoner games to play with your friends to have a good time are: 

    • 6 Degrees of Kevin Bacon
    • I spy
    • Charades
    • Chess / Checkers
    • Trivia
    • Karaoke
    • Board games
    • Video games
    • Card games
    • Smoking games 
    • Sports
    • Ping Pong
    • Billiards
    • Bowling
    • Virtual Reality

    trippy cannabis

  • Have a Cannabis Sexual Experience
  • If you have a consensual partner and are in a safe environment, you may want to try a cannabis sexual experience. A recent study shows that 73% of individuals had an increase in sexual desire, 74% felt an increase in sensitivity to touch, and 65% of participants reported an increase in the  intensity of orgasms when consuming marijuana. 

    sexy cannabis

    Seasoned stoners that share ideas, strategies and techniques are so helpful to others!

    What are some of your 420 Activities?

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